Aug 27, 2011

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Asus 1215b Touchpad problems

A month ago, we purchased a netbook for my wife – it was an Asus 1215b, and we purchased it at Premium Computer Depot in Gilmore. This is currently the worst purchase of our lives!

When we got home after purchasing the netbook, my wife was already excited to use the Asus 1215b. She’s been wanting to buy a smaller laptop to replace our current 15″ Gateway Laptop and was excited to try it out. Sadly, after just a few minutes of usage, the touchpad stopped working properly. At first we thought this was just a minor set back, and that a driver upgrade could fix it. After doing basic troubleshooting, we searched the net and found out that the particular series of Netbooks from Asus (1215) does have the same problems all over the globe. And so began our month long problems with Premium PC Depot who does not honor their warranty agreements.

It would have been better if we just bought some gmc mats where I can use ASAP, compared to the Asus 1215b which I paid in full – only to get no working product..

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