Aug 5, 2010

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Slot Games

I have never played on casino slot machines before but I’m quite familiar with them. Who hasn’t seen those machines in casino’s where it’s so easy to play. You just insert a coin, pull the lever, and wait for the reels to stop spinning. Once you get the three same pictures then you’ll win whatever amount of money stored in the machine.

I think the reason why casino slot machines are so popular is because it’s so easy to play it. You don’t have to think of a strategy or about anything at all. You just have to wish hard for luck to be on your side. Also, you can never break a bank playing this game. With just a few coins you can already play a game or two.  But did you know that slot machines are the most popular game in the casino and constitute 70% of it’s earnings?  Wow, maybe that’s also the reason why they have invested a lot on slot machines and they invest money on rows and rows of slot machines.  They make sure that whenever a customer wants to play he can always find an empty seat.

If ever I have the chance to visit a casino whether online or not the first game I’ll play will surely be the slot games.  It’s the most perfect game for a newbie like me.

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Aug 5, 2010

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Essay Writing

There are many types of essays.  I’m sure you are acquainted with some of them.  Essay writing is just like any skill that anyone can master. Of course, it takes a lot of practice before you can be a good essay writer.

Have you ever wondered where the name “essay” came from? The name “essay” goes back to 1588 when the writer Michel de Montaigne published his book “Essais”. Since then the word essay has been widely used to describe a short work that reveals the writer’s point of view on some particular subject.

When I was still studying I had to write a lot of essays.  Most of the time I enjoy it because I get to share my thoughts. I’m not really a good writer but being an avid reader I might have gotten a point or two in essay writing from all the books that I have read.  It takes me a while to compose my thoughts but I still finish every assignment given by our teacher.  Today, some students do not bother to write essays themselves.  The internet made it possible for them to buy essays online nowadays especially if they’re asked to write a particularly difficult essay.  One of the most difficult type of essay I know is the persuasive essay.

What is persuasive essay?  Persuasive essay is more popularly known as argument essay.  In this essay type you have to use sound logic and reasoning to convince the reader that one idea is better than the other. You can use logical reasoning, state some facts, or give some true examples to convince your reader.

Now that I am not going to school anymore and into blogging I only get to write one type of essay – the family essay.  My life  revolves around my family that’s why I take pride on writing this type of essay.  It could be as mundane as our day-to-day experiences but sometimes I also write about the values that we promote in our family.  I also learn a lot reading other people’s experiences and trying to incorporate it in our own family.  I get paid writing essays but I also hope my son would be able to read about our family through my writing someday.  I hope he can also learn a lot about his parents through the things I write and incorporate the same values that we promote someday when he has his own family.

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Aug 5, 2010

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Car Registration at FTI LTO

Last week was the first time we had our car registered. It was an experience we won’t forget as what was supposed to be accomplished for just a few hours dragged on to about two days.

We went to FTI LTO to get the requirements needed for the registration. First, we went to pay for our car insurance. We paid P850 for TPL insurance which I think was overpriced. Since it was our first time we had no choice but to pay it. Next we have to pay for the emission test. The emission test will test the carbon dioxide emitted by your car and determine if it is below dangerous levels. Although our car is already old it passed the emission test with flying colors. Of course, we have to pay for this too. We paid P410 for the emission test.

Next, we have to get the chassis and engine number of the car in a process called stenciling. It was a quick and easy process and we just paid the person who helped us P20.

Then with the papers finally complete we went to the evaluator to pass our papers. I thought we would be done by the end of the day but they suddenly announced their system went offline. All the jobs were halted at the LTO office since they can’t use the computer. We waited for an hour before deciding to go home.

The next day we came back but the system was still offline. So we went around to look for ford mustang accessories for a friend to pass the time. By the time we went back at 2pm the system was thankfully already online but the number of people has already doubled. So we have to wait a total of three more hours just to get our sticker.

I hope they do something to fix the system outages permanently so next year we won’t encounter the same problem.

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